1.Cloud Architecture

*Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
*Cloud Platform as a Service
*Cloud federation and hybrid cloud infrastructure
*Programming models and systems/tools
*Green data center
*Networking technologies for data center
*Cloud system design with FPGA, GPU, APU
*Monitoring, management and maintenance
*Economic and business models
*Dynamic resource provisioning

2. Big Data:

*Machine learning
*Data mining
*Approximate and scalable statistical methods
*Graph algorithms
*Querying and search
*Data Lifecycle Management for Big Data (sources, cleansing, federation, preservation, privacy, etc.)
*Frameworks, tools and their composition
*Storage and analytic architectures
*Performance and debugging
*Hardware optimizations for Big Data (multi-core, GPU, networking, etc.)
*Data Flow management and scheduling

3. Virtualization

*Server, storage, network virtualization
*Resource monitoring
*Virtual desktop
*Resilience, fault tolerance
*Modeling and performance evaluation
*Security aspects
*Enabling disaster recovery, job migration
*Energy efficient issues

4. MapReduce, and other PaaS aspects

*Performance characterization and optimization
*MapReduce on multi-core, GPU
*MapReduce on hybrid distributed environments
*MapReduce on opportunistic / heterogeneous computing systems
*Extension of the MapReduce programming model
*Debugging and simulation of MapReduce systems
*Data-intensive applications using MapReduce
*Optimized storage for MapReduce applications
*Fault-tolerance & Self-* capabilities

5. Security and Privacy in Cloud

*Audit in clouds
*Authentication and authorization
*Cryptographic primitives
*Reliability and availability
*Trust and credential management
*Usability and security
*Security and privacy in clouds
*Legacy systems migration
*Cloud Integrity and Binding Issues

6. Cloud Services and Applications

*Cloud Service Composition
*Query and discovery models for cloud services
*Trust and Security in cloud services
*Change management in cloud services
*Organization models of cloud services
*Innovative cloud applications and experiences
*Business process and workflow management
*Service-Oriented Architecture in clouds

7. HPC on Cloud

*Load balancing for HPC clouds
*Middleware framework for HPC clouds
*Scalable scheduling for HPC clouds
*HPC as a Service
*Performance Modeling and Management
*Programming models for HPC clouds
*HPC cloud applications
*Optimal cloud deployment for HPC

8. IoT and Mobile on Cloud

*IoT cloud architectures, models
*Cloud-based dynamic composition of IoT
*Cloud-based context-aware IoT
*Mobile cloud architectures and models
*Green mobile cloud computing
*Resource management in mobile cloud environments
*Cloud support for mobility-aware networking protocols
*Multimedia applications in mobile cloud environments
*Security, privacy and trust in mobile IoT clouds
*Cloud-based mobile networks and applications